Ventura County Medical Center

A $350M, 248,000 SF, 128-bed acute care facility at the Ventura County Medical Center (VCMC) in Ventura, CA The state-of-the-art facility meets the state’s
requirements for seismic safety, and is designed to support numerous medical services, including emergency, surgery obstetrics, ICU, NICU, PICU, and imaging.
Altura deployed a full suite of SkySpark based analytics to assist the construction and ownership team in validating building performance. This included enhanced prefunctional testing, remote system based testing, fault detection, and post occupancy verification.

Integration of the new work into an existing central plant without disruption to services was overcome through detailed schedules and sequences of cutovers as well as monitoring of system performance via our data analytics platform.

Altura drove collaboration with the team by pulling together manufacturers, controls vendors, designers, and contractors into a comprehensive sequence review
session resulting in significant design changes that would not have been possible without all diverse participation.

Altura’s analytics-driven process was critical to project handover given the aggressive staff and stock schedule, enabling remote testing and diagnostics of 100% of terminal equipment in order to support successful start-up, TAB, pressure control, and functional testing.