Ellicott, MD

238,000 sq. ft

Altura Impact
Altura Impact Warranty process without the headache: Altura provided visibility and insight to a diverse group of stakeholders to resolve existing issues.

Howard County Courthouse

Analytics Deployment via SkySpark and a collaborative team approach allowed the project team to tackle major comfort and performance issues.

Only half a year after substantial completion, Howard County Circuit Courthouse was far from achieving occupant comfort, and even further from meeting energy performance expectations. During the warranty phase, Altura’s team deployed analytics to quickly diagnose issues and drive the project team towards solutions. Within two weeks of integrating the building to the analytics platform, our engineers identified the source of the major heating issues: a misguided assumption made during design, coupled with ill-performing morning warm up sequences both at the central and terminal unit levels.

Altura’s team developed solutions and verified proper implementation of improved sequences of operations to prevent another lacking heating season. Altura’s ability to quickly deploy fault detection analytics, recommend solutions, and work through implementation helped alleviate major deficiencies in this building. Continued collaboration with multiple stakeholders ensured consistent progress in closing out pre-existing Cx issues along with new issues found via our fault detection analytics.