D.C. Housing Authority

In 2015, as part of a comprehensive multi-phase project, Altura (in partnership with ThinkBox Group) worked with the District of Columbia Housing Authority (DCHA) to develop energy/water efficiency and renewable power generation opportunities throughout DCHA’s portfolio. Utility costs savings and project cost estimates were developed and financing secured. Altura is now leading the Phase 2 implementation phase in partnership with ThinkBox Group.

Phase 2 implementation (3/2018 to 9/2021) consists of an $89 million portfolio-wide energy conservation project which includes 24 properties in the DCHA portfolio, encompassing 197 buildings, 4.2 million SF, more than 4,500 units, and $13 million annual utility costs. Altura is serving as the technical lead, developing a comprehensive list of energy conservation measures designed to dramatically improve energy efficiency and occupant comfort at each site.

The project scope includes the installation of the following new high efficiency equipment: 30,000 LED fixtures/lamps, 18,000 plumbing fixtures, 85 boilers, 12 chillers, 7 cooling towers, 12 air handling units, 1200 fan coil units, 276 pumps, 59 DHW tanks, 168 DHW heaters, 168 furnaces, 33 building automation systems, 69 chemical treatment systems, 3MW of solar PV and various other energy, water, envelope, and control measures.  Ultimately, the project is expected to net 36% electricity savings (15 million kWh), and 51% natural gas savings (1.9 million therms), and 28% water and sewer savings, representing more than $165 million total savings through 2029.