About Us

Meet Altura

Altura was founded and is managed by a seasoned team of engineers and environmental performance experts who have worked together for more than ten years and combine decades of professional experience.

The firm was founded with a mission-driven agenda to improve energy, environmental, and financial performance for our clients using a data-driven, people-centric approach that delivers immediate and lasting value across all levels of building strategy and operations.

Altura’s approach combines a deep understanding of data with an emphasis on empowering the people within our client organizations. We focus on understanding what the business needs are and developing solutions which deliver real, lasting value.

Our history of working together has distilled our vision to operate as a mission-driven firm.  Altura’s deep understanding of data systems is leveraged in parallel with our people-centric approach and focus on delivering value.

Our approach is guided by the following core values:


Our approach to driving positive social, environmental, and financial impact relies on engaging with people and teams in a way that creates a sense of ownership. Internally, our culture creates an open platform for innovation and growth. Externally, we seek to build capacity in our client organizations to elevate their performance and grow together.


We believe in defining sustainability with our clients in ways that are material to their business. This approach opens new pathways to strong investment returns, meaningful improvements in climate change resilience, and industry leadership. We seek to develop and use technology in ways that empower people and unlock continuous improvement.

Evolutionary Thinking

We aspire to constantly adapt and improve our skills and tools to help our clients gain a competitive advantage and to lead the way toward climate resiliency. We always start by listening and challenging conventional industry practices and thought processes. This approach enables us to go beyond traditional consulting models to get work done and make an impact.

Our Mission

Altura’s mission is to improve energy, environmental, and financial performance across all levels of our client organizations using a data-driven, people-centric approach that delivers immediate and lasting results.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion at Altura

DEI at Altura is focused on ensuring that dynamic and challenging ideas are continually fostered, which is core to our business model of innovative client services and aligns with the larger Altura mission. This requires creating an empowering work environment where all candidates, employees, and clientele have the opportunity to thrive and contribute.

Our Team

Altura is comprised of a talented and creatively diverse team of engineers and consultants with deep experience in building energy efficiency, sustainability, environmental best practices, and sustainable operations – all of which connect our team with yours through the power of analytics. Our leadership team has been together for ten years, and a majority of our staff has been together for at least five years.

We are proud to have a work environment that attracts and retains the most talented minds in our industry. At Altura, we foster a positive, people-centric culture of mutual respect where qualities of client advocacy, innovation, and hard work are recognized and rewarded.

For our clients, this means you get a dedicated team of professionals who are supported and encouraged at all levels of our organization. This shared passion to excel on projects is the reason we work here, and it is what drives the culture of Altura.