Project Description

A $1.4B, 1.1 million square-foot healthcare campus consists of a seven-story
replacement hospital and five supporting buildings, including an in-patient clinic,
outpatient clinic, administrative building, clinical investigation building, and central
utility plant.

Analytics deployment was a cornerstone of project delivery. Altura championed
the inclusion of the SkySpark platform as part of the construction schedule and
workflow, which was utilized for enhanced pre-functional testing to increase team

Altura was brought on late in construction to assist in schedule recovery working
directly with the contractor and subcontractor teams. Altura quickly deployed
the SkySpark analytics platform to give the entire project team visibility and
transparency to the progression of HVAC systems construction. Within one week
of mobilization, Altura connected to all available systems and began performing
automated tests to determine performance. Ultimately, we were able to help the
team achieve 100% testing of all systems in 3 months what would have otherwise
taken 6-10 months of field testing, allowing us to meet the schedule deadlines with
a higher quality product for the Army.

Altura was part of the contracting team rather than the ownership team, and
therefore utilized a high degree of collaboration with the contractor and their
subcontractors to jointly deliver the project.