Kaiser Permanente

Altura is working with Kaiser Permanente to develop and implement nationwide standards for building automation systems and commissioning to ensure high levels of project performance while reducing construction costs, risk and time. Altura’s Connected Building Automation and Commissioning process efficiently combines key design and peer review tasks while ensuring the highest levels of repeatability in HVAC controls system design and performance. Altura is leading the entire building automation and technology – or Smart Building – design process in tandem with Cannon Design, the lead architect and engineer on the CoE program.

Altura has helped craft an efficient and maintainable HVAC infrastructure for the CoE program, including high efficiency rooftop packaged unit design with packaged boiler skids, supporting KP’s commitment to GHG emissions reductions. These components have been carefully selected to ensure the highest levels of controllability and optimization while using “off-the-shelf” systems that can be easily maintained. Altura has worked with KP to develop and deploy a new nationwide enterprise Niagara supervisory control environment, which is projected to save $900k per year in maintenance costs across the initial 10 sites in the CoE program. It is also designed to give KP flexibility in procure local controls support while ensuring consistency across the portfolio.

Working with multiple local controls vendors, Altura is integrating all Smart Building systems into the Niagara environment, including HVAC, DC lighting, UPS, energy metering, refrigerator monitoring, DHW, and fire life safety systems. Altura is also deploying standardized advanced optimization control routines across the portfolio, ensuring high levels of energy efficiency that can be repeated and maintained in-house.

Buildings in the program currently include:

  • Aliso Creek, CA, 42,623 sf MOB (on hold as of July 2020)
  • Aspen Hill, MD, 128,167 sf MOB (on hold as of July 2020)
  • Covina, CA, 58,800 sf MOB (on hold as of July 2020)
  • Hesperia, CA, 53,426 sf MOB
  • Parker CO MOB (on hold as of July 2020)
  • Prince George’s County, MD MOB
  • Springfield, VA, 96,000 sf MOB
  • Wildomar, CA, 85,230 sf MOB (on hold as of July 2020)

Murrieta Ambulatory Surgical Center: This project consists of a new 80,000 SF Ambulatory Surgery Unit in Murrieta, CA, including both medical office and OSPHD-3 surgical outpatient spaces. Altura is extending the CoE program approach to this facility by integrating controls and commissioning to improve occupant comfort, optimize equipment energy performance and reduce schedule risk and cost. Altura is providing controls network design and procurement support, as well as support for the use of the new enterprise Niagara optimization and graphics.

Baldwin Park Infrastructure Master Plan Support: Altura is providing design support to the project team, specifically replacing and upgrading existing air handling equipment and supporting the design team to ensure Kaiser BAS standards are implemented on this project.