Altura worked with Caltech and Taylor Engineering to develop a novel “Smart” Commissioning process that leverages fault detection and analytics for automated testing and issue identification in lieu of traditional field functional testing. The “Smart” Commissioning approach is being deployed throughout the campus, and currently encompasses more than 40 laboratories, data centers, and general-use facilities. This process leverages the SkySpark automated diagnostics platform to automatically and continuously test all BAS integrated equipment both during the start-up and functional testing processes as well as throughout the warranty period and into on-going operations.

The new Smart Cx process includes automated testing to enable nighttime testing of all lab systems to reduce occupant impacts (as many facilities are already occupied prior to full Cx). Additionally, the automated testing enables enhanced commissioning throughout the warranty periods and on-going operations to ensure optimized systems performance.

An article written by Altura engineers Adam Rohloff and Jim Meacham appears in the February 2016 edition of ASHRAE Journal. Adam and Jim discuss the process and benefits of adopting an analytics-based approach to commissioning in the context of many major renovation projects at Caltech. Click the button below to read the article in full.