American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

American Honda Motor Company has worked with Altura since early 2013 to develop and deploy Honda’s Environmental Leadership Program to the company’s U.S. and Canadian Honda, Acura, motorcycle and power equipment dealerships. This program consists of a custom award program, nationwide building energy and water assessments, tracking and analyzing energy and CO2 reductions, on-going measurement and verification and implementation of renewable energy generation equipment. To date, Altura has helped manage over 400 participating dealerships. In recognition of these contributions, American Honda has presented Altura with their prestigious Premier Partner Award four years in a row starting in 2015. This award recognizes leading suppliers for providing exemplary service and results and is only awarded to 15 companies from a pool of more than 1,000 eligible suppliers.

In addition, Altura has worked with Honda on a broad range of initiatives including development of a 2050 Decarbonization Roadmap, nationwide rollout of electric vehicle charging stations in the U.S., development of an internal cost on carbon, retro-commissioning the AHM Torrance campus, software modeling of well-to-wheel greenhouse gas emissions for Honda vehicles, green building standards for Honda factories, and other environmental improvement initiatives.

Green Dealer Program: American Honda’s Green Dealer program has grown from a small pilot program involving a handful of U.S. dealerships in 2013 to an international environmental leadership program with over 720 enrolled dealerships, including 220 awarded dealerships, which has reduced CO2e emissions by 24,000 metric tons per year. Supported by information and guidance provided by Altura engineers, dealerships have also installed over 3 megawatts of solar photovoltaic alternative energy systems and dealership utility costs decreased by an estimated $5.1 million annually. Currently, over 1 in every 8 Honda and Acura dealerships in the nation have earned an Environmental Leadership Program award through this program.

2050 Decarbonization Roadmap: Altura helped align the U.S. Green Dealer Program’s environmental improvement targets with AHM’s overall company goal to reduce CO2e emissions by 50% by 2050. Coined the “2050 Decarbonization Roadmap,” Altura created a detailed action plan with yearly targets and specific implementation measures to reduce dealership CO2e emissions. These innovative implementation measures include high efficiency lighting and HVAC equipment and controls, smart energy management systems (EMS), efficient interior water fixtures and exterior landscaping, recycling practices, and renewable energy. The 2050 Decarbonization Roadmap provides an actionable plan for Honda to track the progress of U.S. dealerships toward meeting this corporate goal.

Charge Here Program: Altura assisted with rollout of the “Charge Here Program,” which supports U.S. Honda dealership with specifying and installing electric vehicle (EV) chargers. In preparation for program launch, Altura supported AHM by assisting with site walks, installation requirements, and gathering dealer feedback on the installation process at three pilot dealerships located in Southern California. Altura’s support of the pilot Charge Here Program quickly expanded to include utility rate analyses, cost savings calculations, and installation support for EV chargers at over 1,000 Honda dealerships nationwide.

Honda Smart Energy Program: Altura partnered with Honda on the “Honda Smart Energy Program” a research and development project to evaluate the feasibility of installing advanced energy management systems (EMS) in 5 pilot dealerships located in Southern California. A new product and service offering for Honda, the Honda Smart Energy Program is designed to provide automated energy and demand management control to offset increased electricity costs associated with EV charging. Through a customized web-based interface built for Honda, dealers gain real-time control over lighting, HVAC, and EV charging equipment.