Altura has been a member of Project Haystack for 5 years, and this was the third Haystack Connect conference we’ve sponsored and participated in as speakers and panel moderators. The conference is a chance for those of us deeply immersed in the world of open source data to share our efforts and progress as a community. In the past 5 years we’ve noticed a great deal of positive change in the industry, and identified some ongoing challenges that we will continue to focus on solving. Thank you Project Haystack for facilitating such an awesome event!

Adam Rohloff, P.E. (Senior Associate, Altura) led a panel discussion on “How the Adoption of the Haystack Protocol Can Transform Facilities & Operations Management” with long term Altura clients and industry leaders Mark Campbell (Director of Sustainable Facilities, MGM Resorts International), Matt Berbée, (Vice President, Facilities Operations and Engineering, NBC Universal) and Matt Gudorf (Assistant Director of Engineering, Energy & Engineering, UC Irvine). This was an eye-opening conversation for the audience, with panel participants sharing their journey and insights on the nuts & bolts of scaling and gaining quantifiable value from the deployment of haystack-based analytics throughout a large organization.

Matt Schwartz, P.E. (Senior Associate, Altura) delivered a presentation demonstrating how to leverage Haystack data modeling to get the information owners and operators need at the resolution it is best presented. Altura has assisted multiple large commercial property portfolios and university campuses to converge the notion of smart buildings into a set of Haystack data standards, open data management platform design, and network architecture templates that create immediate financial returns while also building for the future. We shared our experience from the perspective of creating and championing these program elements to implementing these programs. View a video of Matt’s presentation here. (Please note the audio is quiet, so you’ll have to turn up your volume!)

Brandyn Carlson, P.E. (Senior Associate, Altura) presented a centralized model for haystack tagging that is feasible and scalable to enforce project-to-project tagging consistency across a diversity of buildings, portfolios, clients, and analytics providers. The approach utilizes project management tools for consistent tagging of all integrated points and equipment by referencing centralized libraries for haystack-based semantics and additional industry-recognized terms/models. It also includes an feedback loop for standardizing and automating integrated identifier-library matches. The presentation explored opportunities for community input and evolution of published libraries as well as for refinement of the project management tools and methodologies for effective deployment of haystack tagging. View a video of Brandyn’s presentation here (Please note the audio is quiet, so you’ll have to turn up your volume!)