As the founders of a firm focused on energy and environmental performance, we are constantly examining different aspects of our industry, working to understand what drives change, and striving towards better long-term building performance.  Among the topics we’ve discussed recently are: the role of technology, the importance of people (occupants and operators) in buildings, and how the design & construction process can support high performance operations.

The green building community is increasingly focused on proven performance, resiliency, and the disclosure of energy & environmental performance data throughout the life of a building.  Combined with the advent of new tools and hardware to leverage “big data” for improved energy management and building automation, there is great potential for this community to consistently raise the bar for high performance buildings.

Architects, engineers, and other energy management professionals are integral to bridging the gaps throughout the lifecycle of design, construction, and operations, but there are barriers to this goal.  In order to delve deeper into this topic, Altura is convening a roundtable discussion with members from the Southern California A/E community to discuss the role of this industry in evolving the state of high performance buildings.

The roundtable will include principals and practice leaders from some of Southern California’s premier architecture and engineering firms, including P2S Engineering, WATG, tk1sc, Arup, JBA Consulting Engineers, and HMC Architects.  This group will share project success stories, discuss failures and examine the causes, and collaborate on ways our industry can facilitate positive change.

We are looking forward to this event, which will be held at Altura’s offices on May 21st. Follow us on LinkedIn to stay updated on this discussion and the outcome of our roundtable discussion.

-Greg, Jim, and Ryan

Greg, Jim, and Ryan are the founders of Altura