Haystack Connect

Altura is proud to announce our sponsorship of the Haystack Connect 2015 conference. The event is the annual conference for Project Haystack (www.projecthaystack.org), an open source initiative to streamline working with data from the Internet of Things (IoT).  The conference is a gathering of automation and IoT professionals to learn and share the latest techniques for connecting systems and using data to advance the efficiency of buildings, equipment systems and processes.

Project Haystack seeks to standardize semantic data models and web services with the goal of making it easier to unlock value from the vast quantity of data being generated by the smart devices that permeate our homes, buildings, factories, and cities. Applications include automation, control, energy, HVAC, lighting, and other environmental systems. The conference is an opportunity to bring together the systems integrators, technology providers and end users who are leading the way to more efficient and sustainable buildings and advanced smart-device applications.

As a pioneer in the engineering services market, Altura was among the first firms to deploy advanced analytics tools as a major driver of the commissioning process for new construction and existing buildings. As a result, we are actively involved in the community of automation and IoT professionals, and actively collaborate and engage in discussions with members of the Project Haystack community.

Haystack Connect is being held at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs, CO from May 18-20. Contact us to discuss our involvement with Project Haystack, or for more information on the conference visit http://haystackconnect.org/ or email info@haystackconnect.org.