Chicago, IL

Property Type
55-story high-rise residential tower

480 units; 575,000 sq. ft.

Altura Impact
$300k in utility cost savings and over 1,000
MT CO2e GHG emissions savings annually

BlackRock – Atwater Apartments

A 40% reduction in annual utility costs resulted from this Altura-led energy investment program that went beyond the typical energy audit approach. This multi-year effort was in collaboration with the asset manager, BlackRock, and property manager, Bozzuto.

Altura was contracted to perform an energy audit of Atwater Apartments, a luxury high rise residential tower in the heart of Chicago’s Streeterville neighborhood, to explore a range
of opportunities to reduce energy costs for both the property owner and residents. Altura Analytics was deployed to help identify and quantify potential areas of opportunity.

Working side-by-side with the local operations team, Altura developed a multi-step investment program designed to achieve vast energy savings in incremental phases with decision gates along the way. The final phased implementation allowed for the elimination of nearly all electric heat in the building, reducing the peak electrical demand in the winter by more than 2MW!

Throughout the multi-year process, Altura Analytics enabled deep insight into the performance of each investment, as well as allowed remote, on-going commissioning—saving significant time and project cost, while ensuring systems could be fully tuned and optimized working hand-in-hand with the operations team.