University of California, Los Angeles

UCLA Gonda Neuroscience & Genetics Research Center Deep Energy Efficiency Program (DEEP)

Gonda is a major research lab building, built in 1998, consisting of 125,202 gross square feet, 7 floors, 414 rooms, vivarium and BSL-1 spaces. The project goals were to achieve a 50% energy use reduction with a payback of 7 years or less. Estimated construction costs: $3M. Scope consisted of retro-commissioning with SkySpark analytics; ASHRAE Level 3 energy audit with eQUEST energy model and contractor price quotes for LADWP incentives; SVR energy model for M&V; BAS supervisory control architecture/standard development and control sequence optimization.

Key outcomes include estimated energy use reduction of 51% with a payback of 5.1 years. Energy conservation measures that will also significantly reduce maintenance costs (equipment and labor). Addressing humidity control in vivarium to minimize impact on animal health and experimental results. Bid documents were provided so that project can move to design and construction. Project was completed in October 2017.