Project Description

Gilead Sciences

Altura worked with Gilead from 2016-2019 to manage the company’s annual sustainability reporting process. Our team supported the development of a worldwide sustainability roadmap with improvement targets, creation of a centralized data collection and management process, and implementation of specific action plans to reduce the company’s social and environmental impacts over time. This process improved the quality and availability of company-wide environmental and social governance (ESG) data, enabling better management of social and environmental impacts, and more recognition by top sustainability indices and disclosure programs such as CDP, DJSI, Newsweek, and Bloomberg.

For the 2018 Year in Review Altura began the reporting cycle by initiating a comprehensive and cross-functional stakeholder engagement process to establish requirements for the development of a company-wide ESG database. Working with business leaders throughout Gilead, Altura confirmed key performance indicators (KPIs), standardized calculation methodologies, and established improvement targets for key metrics included in the company’s annual report. The 2018 Year in Review was completed in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) “core” reporting path. The 2018 Year in Review launched in May 2019.