Adobe Inc.

Altura engineers have been engaged on multiple projects with Adobe, encompassing commissioning for major retrofits and retro-commissioning assignments at the company’s San Jose headquarters campus as well as multiple sites in San Francisco and Seattle.

San Jose Headquarters “SmartFloor” Commissioning: Adobe’s headquarters in San Jose consists of three high-rise office towers, totaling 980,000 square feet of office space. Over the past several years, Altura engineers have been engaged in multiple commissioning assignments throughout the complex, including commissioning newly-renovated “SmartFloors” which feature advanced technology to enable efficient lighting controls, HVAC, and energy performance and after-hours tracking. To date, Altura has commissioned the cafeteria, fitness center, lobby, common areas, and 15 SmartFloors (with others in progress).

San Jose Headquarters Building Management System Retrofit: As a complementary effort to the SmartFloor commissioning, Altura engaged with Adobe to lead an assignment to retrofit their existing automation system. For this project, our team led the process to select and manage vendors capable of replacing the system with modern standards of openness and serviceability beyond what was possible with existing system. Altura was responsible for all aspects of the project delivery process, including writing the RFP, seeking and interviewing bidders, responding to requests for information, and working with Adobe’s property management and bid procurement teams to select the best vendor for the job. Altura acted as the project manager to oversee the vendor and ensuring quality of deliverables. Our team is also commissioning the new building automation system.

Metering Study: Altura is completing a utility metering study for Adobe sites in San Jose and San Francisco. The purpose of the study is to examine existing utility metering infrastructure and provide recommendations for a cohesive metering strategy that is in-line with Adobe’s global energy management goals.

100 Hooper St in San Francisco: Altura is providing analytics-driven commissioning services for all HVAC, lighting, and plumbing systems for 100 Hooper St in San Francisco, a 4-story office, 248,000 SF facility with office space, conference rooms, café, fitness center, and various specialty and support spaces.

Adobe Seattle: Altura is providing analytics-driven commissioning services for all HVAC, lighting, and plumbing systems for 100 Hooper St in Seattle, a 3-story, 162,554 SF building which includes office space, conference rooms, a kitchen and café, a fitness center, a training room and various specialty and support spaces.

Adobe/Cushman Wakefield Energy Management Program: Development and implementation of an energy management plan spanning all Cushman Wakefield manages buildings to: identify and track major energy efficiency opportunities, develop a carbon reduction roadmap in support of the Adobe science-based target, and set site based EUI targets that are informed by chief engineer feedback.