Cleaner streets. Cleaner communities. Cleaner oceans. Altura is stepping up to the 2021 PLASTIC FREE JULY Challenge to make a difference. At our core, we’re environmental stewards professionally and personally.

Communities around the globe are concerned about plastic ending up in landfills and polluting the oceans … that’s why hundreds of millions of people worldwide are choosing to be part of this global movement.

This is the first in a series of PLASTIC FREE JULY posts where Altura will share simple tips on the little choices you and your business can make that will affect change around the planet. We want to hear from you. Comment on what you plan to do differently whether it’s carrying a reusable straw to your favorite coffee shop or purchasing office products with less or no packaging or pre-cycling your office supplies, share your story.

Tracking your efforts will help you see the impact you’re making. To start, we’ve created a simple form you can use. Feel free to edit and make it your own. Keep us in the loop on your progress. What’s the first single-use plastic item you’ll stop using?

How can you have a PLASTIC FREE JULY 4th? Our next post will give you tips on how to minimize waste when you entertain.