Are you planning a party for July 4th? Whether you’re hosting a small gathering or throwing something more grandiose, a group of any size can create lots of waste. One simple way to reduce plastic waste is to swap out plastic utensils for reusable ones or buy compostable utensils (remember the cups too!). Here are more tips:

·       NAPKINS: Have fun and buy inexpensive bandanas in festive colors. They double as un-paper towels too.
·       TABLECLOTHS: Replace the plastic kind with a budget-friendly, eco-friendly alternative. Head to your local thrift store or, even, a craft store for fabric by the yard!
·       DECORATIONS: Check out thrift stores for reusable items that can used year after year. Also, look for after-holiday sales to pick-up more for next year.
·       UTENSILS: Dreading the thought of washing all those forks after everyone goes home? Stick to finger foods.
·       FOOD PLATTERS: Recreate an array of food at home to give them a personal touch. Prepared party platters use a lot of plastic and produce more waste.
·       BULK BUYING: Buying in bulk to feed a crowd can make a difference and reduce packaging headed for the landfill.

You see? Without sacrificing your Plastic Free July pledge, you can still enjoy the holiday. We challenge you to try one, more, or all of these tips. Comment below to add one of your tips to the list. We’d love to see photos of your PLASTIC FREE JULY 4th celebration too. Enjoy the holiday weekend!

What’s in a basic reusable to-go kit? We’ll answer that in our next post.

Plastic Free July Series Post #2