Last year, we all adjusted our behavior to adapt to a new life in a pandemic. Instead of leaving the house with just our keys, wallet, and phone, we added a mask and hand sanitizer to this “to-go kit.” At first, this behavior change was difficult. Eventually, it became second nature.   

For @PLASTIC FREE JULY, we are challenging you to make a few more adjustments to cut down on single-use plastic. Before you leave the house next time, think about what you are going to do that day. Are you going to grab a coffee? Will you do any shopping? Did you pack a lunch or are you planning to order takeout? Remember your utensils!  

Even if you are still figuring out your plan for the day, we recommend packing these five reusable items when you leave the house: travel mug, straw, eating utensils, shopping bags, and a water bottle. Assemble an extra to-go kit to keep at the office. That way, you are always prepared for group lunches or coffee breaks!  

What’s a reusable item you always take with you? Send us pictures of your kit and carrying case.  

How do you brush your teeth without toothpaste from a plastic tube and still have minty-fresh breath? We’ll cover that and other grooming tips in our next post. 

Plastic Free July Series Post #3