Analyze data from building systems operation to evaluate performance with respect to energy efficiency, occupant comfort, and cost. Assess the sequences of operation for building heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) systems in support of building data models. Collaborate on the entire process of using the SkySpark software platform to analyze building performance, including importing data from the building, tagging data to establish the proper relationships to equipment, performing data quality control, and assigning appropriate Sparks (rules). Write Sparks in Axon programming language (SkySpark software) to detect and diagnose operating conditions as dictated by the client. Continuously improve the data standards for naming and tagging building operating data using Project Haystack protocol and internal Altura standards. Build predictive models using Python to forecast energy use for buildings and specific building systems or equipment. Create building energy use baseline models using combination of Axon code in SkySpark and Python code utilizing data from SkySpark database. Write machine learning code to develop baseline models and predictive maintenance routines for building equipment and systems. Perform life cycle cost analysis of energy conservation measures within SkySpark platform. Conduct energy audit of HVAC and lighting systems in buildings to identify potential energy conservation measures, operational workflow improvements, and cost-saving measures. Present at industry conferences on analytics and machine learning work to promote Altura thought leadership and industry collaboration. Write white papers describing analytics and machine learning work to advance Altura thought leadership in the energy management industry. Work collaboratively with project managers to create client reports and deliverables.

Education/Exp. Requirements

Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. No work experience required.

Specialized Requirements

Master’s degree coursework must include one course each in the following subjects: Engineering analysis; Nonlinear optimization methods; Statistical thermodynamics; Conduction heat transfer; Linear systems; Optimal control; Neural control systems

Worksite Location

Altura Associates, Inc., 200 Spectrum Center Dr, Ste. 1400, Irvine, CA 92618


40 hours per week (full-time)

Qualified applicants may mail a resume to G. Shank, Altura Associates, Inc., 200 Spectrum Center Dr, Ste. 1400, Irvine, CA 92618